When it rains…it pours!

Family Life

One Sunday morning there was a huge downpour which lasted for several hours. As it had previously been so hot, the girls came out to dance and play whilst I even ended up washing my hair in the rain.


Kazi Connect

Careers Fair

At the end of our placement we organised a careers fair in order to connect the students we had been working with to employers. The whole team of 40 volunteers worked incredibly hard to pull it off in a short space of time, and the event was a huge success with over 400 students attending.

Different Landscapes

Round and about Dar es Salaam

From the fish markets of Bagamoyo to daily life at home and coping in the rainy season.

Employability sessions anyone?

Work as a Team

Mainly taken at Ustawi college on a day we spent marketing our employability sessions. Unfortunately due to circumstances outside of our control we weren’t able to deliver any of our sessions there, however this allowed us to get involved in other activities such as organising the careers fair.


Smile for the Camera...

Some of the amazing people I met caught at different times – at Flirtease (local restaurant), at home and on top up training when we escaped Dar es Salaam for the first time and spent a few nights in Bagamoyo.

Hard at work

ICS Oh Yes...

I was part of the sub-team ‘Team K.I.S.S’ aka Keep it Simple Stupid. These photos show a mixture of the College of Business and Management (CBM) where we delivered our sessions, and also Kilimanjaro College where we helped another team run a drop in session.

Imetosha….Marching for Albino Rights

ICS Oh Yes...

Restless Development were invited to join an organised march ‘Imetosha’ (meaning its enough) against Albino killing in Tanzania. We even ended up featuring briefly on TV!